“Active Healing for Your Active Lifestyle.”

Don't let a Nagging Knee injury keep you sidelined.
Introducing the New FlowState Knee Brace from VIBE Tech Utah a NEW Knee Brace that provides

“Active Healing for Your Active Lifestyle.”

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Active Healing for Your Active Lifestyle

“Stay active and keep doing what you love while your knee heals with the new FlowState Knee Brace from VIBE Tech Utah.”

VIBE Tech Utah has created the new FlowState Knee Brace that provides Active Healing for Your Active Lifestyle.

The FlowState Knee Brace Incorporates Everything You Need for Your Knee to Heal Properly.

“Active Healing for Your Active Lifestyle with VIBE Tech Utah’s New FlowState Knee Brace.”


Painful knee injuries and sore, swollen knees require protection from further injury. It is a delicate balance of providing just the right amount of external support to help your knee to heal faster and correctly.


We use a soft, light, medical-grade 1.5 mm U- loop neoprene compression knee band. We avoided the pull-on sleeve to allow a comfortable application. It's perfect for general use and can be used both before or after surgical procedures.


Our thermotherapy gel packs are superior, versatile, and eco-friendly, with heating and cooling properties. This is the perfect product for “Your Active Healing for Your Active Lifestyle”.

What Our Customers Love About the New FlowState Knee Brace?

“I LOVE the my ”FlowState Knee Brace.” It allowed my knee to heal properly while still being able to be active. Activity healing for my activity lifestyle was amazing. I’m recommending the FlowState Knee Brace to all my friends and family. Thank you VIBE Tech of Utah.

Gianna Carotenuto

“The new FlowState Knee Brace was created for Active Healing for Active People.”

Why the FlowState Knee Brace by VIBE Tech Utah?

“Because sitting on the couch waiting for your knee to heal is NO fun. Plus sitting around doing nothing is NOT a good environment for your knee to heal properly.”

“This modern, lightweight knee brace solves buying and wearing multiple pricey products separately. Helping you to be confident to be active away from your home resuming an active, recreational, and athletic lifestyle. Take it to your work setting; school; gym; Physical Therapy and Athletic Training sessions. Use during the routine diagnostics such as X-Ray, MRI, MD visits with sports medicine, or Orthopedic surgeons. Wear to various appointments to screen and diagnose the severity of your knee injury unique to your length of recovery and lifestyle.”
Megan Hanrahan, Founder of VIBE Tech Utah and the creator of the new FlowState Knee Brace

The FlowState Knee Brace is the Best Way to Stay Active While You Heal.

“I recently purchased the Flow State knee brace and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. One of the standout features of this brace is the ability to ice my knee while staying in motion. This is a game-changer for me as it allows me to continue my activities without compromising on the healing process.
Another fantastic aspect of this knee brace is the inclusion of different interval sleeves. These sleeves enable me to place the gel packs on the exact area that needs the most attention and relief. This level of customization is truly remarkable and ensures that I am getting the most out of my therapy sessions.

Overall, the Flow State knee brace has exceeded my expectations. It not only provides the necessary support for my knee but also allows me to ice it conveniently while remaining active. The added benefit of the interval sleeves ensures targeted relief, making it a standout product in the market. I highly recommend this knee brace to anyone seeking effective pain relief and support for their knee.“

- Troy Price, Snowbasin Sports Education Foundation, Executive Director


This is a High Performance knee brace for indoor and outdoor use so you can maintain your active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I know if the FlowState Knee Brace will work for my knee injury?

This specific brace is designed to provide moderate compression and mild stabilization for strains and sprain related knee injuries. It would be ideal for returning to an active lifestyle including activities of daily living such as walking, driving, standing, and performing a home therapeutic exercise program. It is not a custom, maximum stabilizing brace custom fit for return to high level sports that require pivoting, lateral movement, cutting, and jumping. This brace would be helpful in the early days of rehabilitation and mobility in and out of the home. Your healthcare team will be the most knowledgeable of prescribing a particular brace for your unique diagnosis as you become aware of the nature of your injury. If you suffer a blow to your knee from an object, or cannot walk more than 8-10 feet, it is recommended you seek emergency care including Insta-Care professional advice and care.

Q. How long do the packs stay cold enough to be therapeutic? Warm enough?

We recommend Cold/Hot packs to be worn 15 minutes only. After that they may freeze or burn skin, or lose the thermo properties that were useful. Flowstate recommends using the Hot gel packs to warm up the knee joint prior to recreation, or for stretching tight hamstrings. For example: while having coffee or driving to the slopes. We firmly advise to take the gel packs out for sports and activities, they are bulky and gravity will pull them down. Putting the Ice Cold gel packs  immediately after sports is ideal. You could even ice during 1/2 time of a soccer  game or on the bench. Most people neglect to ice and in a timely manner because it requires a “habit” or steps to ice that are not automatic. Flowstate helps make these strong, self preservation acts easy and attainable.

Q. Do I have to know my exact diagnosis or degree of injury to use the FlowState Knee Brace?

No, it’s perfect in the early stage “wait and see” days and weeks where your occurred. It will take time to determine the severity of your injury. The average customer journey to complete X-rays; MRI’s and MD visits if needed often take many weeks to be scheduled and performed. Most mild to moderate knee sprains and strains heal gradually, however, it takes a certain investment of time, patience, and professional screening to allow these minor injuries to heal.

Q. When is the best time to purchase the FlowState Knee Brace if I experience a painful knee injury?

This knee brace ideally is purchased the day the injury occurs. It provides Protection to your injured knee so that you do not injure it further, Rest by encouraging less use of you knee joint, Ice water that cools and circulates in the wearable ice sleeve, Compression to soothe inflamed tissue and encourage reduced swelling, Range of motion specifically knee Extension and Flexion are allowed to enhance walking with support.

Q. Will the brace still fit well without the inserts, and is there a potential issue of someone being between sizes where it fits one way and not the other?

Band sizes of the brace range from XXS to XL. They are an open wrap to accommodate surgical incisions, pain, swelling, and can be worn over or under layers for sports. Scout or MVP is a more universal style for healing from injury and easing arthritis pain. It is not a high performing custom brace for return to sport form a specific diagnosis. Those require prescriptions our does not. We can 3D print inserts for stability but we are prototyping only at this stage.

Q. What is unique about the FlowState Knee Brace? Fabric, textiles, and ease of care?

We use one of the lightest-weight, medical grade neoprene for ideal compression and comfort to encourage long wearing and use throughout the day. Our textiles have been thoroughly researched to please our customer. All softshell materials are washable by hand or delicate cycle with a gentle detergent.

Q. What is the inherent benefit of being able to hike/ski with cold/heat therapy? 

The Flowstate modular system is designed to create a system approach to optimize knee injuries to heal faster with compliant self care. Our seamless product provides protection, compression, stabilization, and incorporates thermo-therapy. Why? No 2 knees are alike and heal faster when each symptom is addressed compliantly. Consider the “saturation” approach, for a severe sprained knee: swollen, painful, and limits walking. This weekend warrior could ice, add compression, and general stability for 6-8 applications during the day while staying mobile, working,
training, caring for family members, travel, basically all Activities of Daily Living.